Manfredi Cold Storage


Temperature-Controlled Warehousing and Real-Time Inventory Services

We provide comprehensive cold storage services to meet the most stringent requirements for handling perishable foods. Our modern and secure facilities are staffed by courteous professionals who are dedicated to safety and accuracy.

We offer case pick, custom reporting, and cold treatment services for foodstuffs and produce. Our warehouse management system provides real-time inventory control, reporting, order placement, shipping status, and shipping confirmation.

With locations near Kennett Square, PA and our newest facility in Pedricktown, NJ our sites have a combined square footage of 580,000 sq.ft. temperature-controlled space range from 0 to 55°F. The completely racked facilities allows product heights up to 100″ on 40″ by 48″ pallets. The facility and racking installation allows customers to pick by pallet for all shipments!

Our Cold Storage Facilities


Modern, food-grade refrigerated and frozen warehouses currently storing products from over 22 countries
around the world.


Low-density racking allows for:

snowflake-icon Pick by pallet
snowflake-icon Quick truck turnaround
snowflake-icon Easy access for inspections
snowflake-icon Improved temperature control and airflow


In operation 7 days a week

Complete and Automatic Caterpillar Backup Power for the entire facility


Facility allows production heights up to 100” on 40” by 48” pallets


Completely wireless RF Network


Bonded warehouse


Rail served by East Penn Railroad


Efficient Truck Loading for Carriers with Truck Builder

Stopping by or picking up something at our facility? Gives us a heads up! Using Truck Builder, you can send and receive updates from The Manfredi Companies.

Get up-to-date notifications about harsh weather conditions or detours so you can best plan your route. By letting us know your expectations, we can be ready to greet you so you can get back on the open road in no time.



Rail Freight Services

The Manfredi Companies provides distribution through our modern fleet of tractor-trailers and competitive rail freight services. Our rail spur is serviced by CSX and Norfolk-southern railroads, giving our customers a competitive advantage when it comes to moving shipments. Services to our facility are handled by East Penn Railroad.

Our rail spur makes it easy to move shipments quickly. The layout of our facility and rail lines are perfectly suited for moving and keeping produce fresh. Quickly get your produce from the Western US to the East with our transportation services and gain peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands.



We’ll Take it From Here

We operate 7 days a week to meet every customer’s needs. The information system handles all electronic interchange communications for order placement, ship status, and ship confirmation for our customers. Even better, the online inventory through Microsoft’s Terminal Services lets users log in from anywhere around the world.

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