Manfredi Packing and Repacking Management

Real-Time Inventory and Dedicated Service

Customers want the freshest produce, and we know how to deliver it! Let our trained and responsive repacking teams individually pack every box to ensure the highest quality produce. Our teams work seven days a week to repackage and check perishable goods for size, color, and quality. Enjoy our value-added repacking services and get more out of your logistics.

We are constantly improving and have recently expanded our facility to accommodate our customers’ changing needs. Our 580,000 sq.ft. facilities include cold storage, repacking, and warehousing services. We consider our facility to be a distribution center— not simply a cold storage warehouse — and provide services to a variety of fruit and perishable item importers.


Why Choose Manfredi Repacking Services?

Repacking is a value-added service that helps ensure the quality and appearance of shipments. The repacking process is important for maintaining the integrity of the product and helps to prevent spoilage or damage. Effective tracking and labeling are essential to ensure that the number of units, cartons per cast, and important shipping details are accurately reflected.

To meet customer needs and help your brand stand out, our teams can sort and package products into brand-specific cartons, bins, or bags. Let us know your needs, and we can make adjustments to our process on request to keep your produce at its freshest.



Real-time inventory and shipping access via terminal services.


Full traceability with all repacking, reconditioning, and shipped orders.


Computerized temperature-controlled, fully automatic generator power backup.


Custom labeling and reconditioning service.


AIB, Organic (CCOF) and Primus Certified.


Quality personalized packaging including; bagging, clamshells, tray packs, and RPC/RTD.


Daumar and Giro automated weighing and packaging equipment.


Full product accountability.

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